Benefits of Partnerships

Our partnerships are a great way to become more involved in the sport of horse racing without being solely responsible for all expenses. By being apart of our partnerships you become part of the Bush Racing family and we will enjoy the thrill of the sport together.  Below are a few highlights regarding our partnerships:

  • Affordable Shares:  Unlike many other horse racing partnerships available, our partnerships shares are very affordable.  We charge minimal management fees and we do not over inflate the value of our horses, training fees, or equipment.  As a result of our “you pay what we pay” attitude, shares in our partnerships typically start for as little as $600.
  • Limited Expenses:  Bush Racing Stable builds the initial budget for partnerships to include all normal and expected expenses through 4-months time, additional expenses are very unlikely.  In addition, purse earnings are used to pay for future expenses.  In some cases there are significant tax advantages to owning a thoroughbred race horse.  Please consult your tax advisor for more details.
  • In the Money:  Since the inception of Bush Racing Stable in 2004, we have achieved an overall win percentage of +20% and our runners have finished in the top three +50% of the time.  Remarkable numbers considering the size and level of horses our stable owns.
  • Communication:  In speaking with many other participants in other partnerships, in became apparent to us that a lack of communication with the managing partners presented major problems.  Because of this we are committed to providing our partners with pre and post race updates on their horse/s, along with an “open door” policy regarding questions you might have. In addition, our website and Facebook page will also keep owners up to date on their horse/s when they race, pictures, and access to racing programs and race replays.  All partners will also receive winners circle pictures of the horse/s that they own.
  • Racing:  Our stable will be claiming and racing horses at tracks throughout the Mid-Atlantic.   We always invite partners, friends, and family to join us at the race track anytime we are claiming or racing a horse.  In the event that our horse wins the race, everyone will be invited into the winners circle for the picture.


Thoroughbred Analysis

It takes many years of experience to understand the inner-workings of the thoroughbred horse racing industry.  As successful horsemen we spend countless hours researching and watching potential purchases.  Below are a couple of factors that go into purchasing and racing a thoroughbred:

  • Research: Thorough research is performed prior to acquiring a thoroughbred race horse, regardless of the purchase price. Research includes current form, athletic ability, future opportunity, conformation review (build and soundness of a thoroughbred), bloodline analysis, and many other factors.
  • Training:  Similar to human athletes, thoroughbreds require a consistent program of feeding, exercise, veterinarian work and a lot of TLC. Behind every successful thoroughbred race horse, there is a dedicated trainer, groom, hot walker, exercise rider, and more working countless hours caring for and preparing it for the races.
  • Jockeys:  Jockeys have different styles and selecting the right jockey can mean the difference between winning and losing races. Maintaining a good relationship with jockeys and their agents is imperative to secure riding services on a consistent basis.
  • Race Selection:  In any given month there are more than 1,000 races run in Pennsylvania and surrounding States. A major part of being successful in racing is tracking all available races and determining which races best fit a particular thoroughbred. The goal is to enter races where a thoroughbred will be competitive while also finding the most lucrative purses available at that level.



Shares in one of Bush Racing Stables many partnerships vary based on a variety factors including purchase price and initial training fees collected.

Typical partnerships are comprised of 100 shares with each share selling for a price of 1% the anticipated claiming price, plus up front training fees.  Fees pay for all expected, regular expenses associated with training and racing the horse (excludes an owner’s license which may be required).  Each partner must purchase a minimum 3% (three) ownership shares.

Example: Costs associated with a $10,000 claiming partnerships are listed below.  Minimum ownership in any BRS partnership is 3% and may be higher based on availability.

Claim Price: $10,000                       Average Monthly Expenses: $2,500

  • 100 shares available @ $100/share
  • 4-months of prepaid monthly expenses @ $100/share

Minimum ownership costs (3% ownership):

$300       claim price @ $100/share

$300       4-months of prepaid monthly expenses @ $100/share

$600       estimated cost to own a race horse

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